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The process for becoming a participant of PROVEHO KC is a thoughtful sequence of stages with the ultimate goal being a successful integration into the group for the applicant, his/her family and the existing group. The stages include Exploratory Period, Introductory Period and finally, Participation Period. The first two stages are an opportunity for the applicant, applicant's family and the existing group to get to know each other and understand if there is mutual benefit to be gained by admission of the applicant into the group. Admission into the group may involve a waiting period, as the number of admissions into the group at any given time is limited to ensure the best experience for new and current participants. 

Exploratory Phase

The Exploratory Phase usually begins with a call or in-person meeting between the interested parents/guardians and a member of the PROVEHO KC admissions team. This first meeting allows for sharing of information and goals and expectations. Following  this discussion, the prospective participant and family will be invited to one of the group activities to give the family an opportunity to meet the current group. If there is mutual interest in moving forward, the prospective participant family will review guidelines and submit an application. If approved and an opening in the group exists, the participant and family will move to the Introduction Phase. If there is not a current opening in the group, the participant and family would be placed on a waiting list.

Introduction Phase

The Introduction Phase of the admissions process is a an opportunity for families and new participant candidates to have the full experience of being involved with the group.  During this phase, the candidate is invited to all activities and the family has opportunity to begin assisting with the operation of the organization.  With the Introduction Phase lasting six months to a year, it is long enough for the prospective participant, family and PROVEHO KC to assess whether everyone's needs and expectations are being met.    

Near the end of the Introduction Phase, the family and PROVEHO KC staff meet to discuss the Introduction Phase experience and the family advises if they would like to continue to the Participation Phase.  

Participation Phase

The Participation Phase begins when the candidate is granted admission as a participant in the program.  The new participant will be fully integrated into the program with invitation to all activities and events.  There is expectation that the participant will make an effort to be involved in many activities to fully benefit from the program.  At this stage, the new participant family becomes more involved assisting with the organization.   

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