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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the responsibilities and expectations of Participants?  Among other responsibilities, participants must:

  - Show respect for everyone.

  - Interact with others in a cooperative and friendly, non-endangering manner

  - Be active in the group by attending activities 

  - Be able to comprehend and follow instructions

  - Be independently mobile with or without assistive devices

What responsibilities do families of Participants have?  Participant families are expected to monitor their son or daughter to ensure they are abiding by the established participant guidelines. Participant families are also expected to be active in the organization, which may include participating on committees, attending activities, being on the leadership team or other means to provide support. In addition, there may be an annual financial obligation.

How many new participants do you admit to the program in a year?  The number of new participants is limited to two or three over a one year period. This is done to ensure the best possible experience for all involved.

Does PROVEHO KC provide in home or medical services?  PROVEHO KC does not provide in home services or other care services typically provided by agencies working in conjunction with the state. Each family maintains responsibility for their participant's housing, care, employment, transportation and other participant needs. PROVEHO KC does not have medical staff and does not provide medically-related services.

Are participants typically employed?  Yes, participants are generally employed at least part-time.

Is housing provided?  PROVEHO KC does not provide housing, however, the organization has researched and located an apartment complex in Overland Park, KS for which it is preferred that participants reside. Each participant is responsible for making specific arrangements (lease) with the apartment management. Currently each participant has an individual apartment, although having a larger unit and a roommate is optional. Living in close proximity to the apartment complex is also an option.

Are there any age restrictions to be in the program?  Participants in the program must be 21 years of age or older.

Is there a cost for activities?   There is no cost for the weekly walks or workouts. There may be a cost for external activities, which would be the responsibility of the participant.  



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