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"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together"

Vincent van Gogh


Adults with intellectual disabilities living full and productive lives in an independent setting surrounded by a caring community


PROVEHO KC is dedicated to creating a stimulating environment for our participants by promoting safe independent living, building social networks and encouraging wellness. We serve adults with mild intellectual disabilities who aspire to live independently in a safe environment supported by a caring community.


Our name and logo represent our mission to promote and support those with intellectual disabilites.  PROVEHO is Latin; meaning to promote, support or lift up. The celtic knot in our logo is symbolic of friendship, affection, harmony and love. The hands in the logo represent the support and encouragement offered to our participants. 


PROVEHO KC emerged out of a pursuit to build community and enrich lives. We are driven by Compassion and Empathy for those with intellectual disabilities. We believe we can make a difference by promoting safe independent living, social interaction and wellness.  


PROVEHO KC aspires for program participants to live full and productive lives in an independent setting. They will have numerous opportunities to enrich their lives, including:

  • Socializing with peers

  • Participating in recreational, educational and cultural activities

  • Developing healthy lifestyles

  • Finding ways to give back to the community


Parents, guardians, families and friends of adults with intellectual disabilities who have joined forces and realize the importance of enhancing the lives of PROVEHO KC participants. 


PROVEHO KC is a non-profit corporation in the State of Kansas and has IRS 501(c)3 status with the Federal Government.  Before receiving 501(c)3 status, funding primarily consisted of participant family contributions.  Currently general fundraising is active with the organization soliciting donations from various sources to supplement family contributions. 


Proceeds from fundraising efforts will go toward educational, recreational and social programs, as well as operational costs for our organization.


PROVEHO KC is led by a Board of Directors, each of which has a strong desire to assist those with intellectual disabilities.   The board meets regularly with the primary focus to ensure the direction of the organization is aligned with the mission, core values and needs of the participants.    


PROVEHO KC was formed with joint efforts from families having high functioning young adults with disabilities. Each family felt like the best gift they could provide for their sons and daughters, was the ability to live happy and productive lives as independently as possible. The quest to find an organization that provided just the right support needed for these individuals proved that such an organization didn’t exist in the Kansas City area.


Providing an environment that supports wholesome independent living for a child with an intellectual disability can be overwhelming for parents.  However, we have built a community where parents work together to promote independent living and provide individuals with opportunities for social, cultural, recreational and wellness activities. In doing so, each family is engaged with the group; providing community for both the participants and their parents/guardians.


PROVEHO KC got its start in April 2017 when four families designated as the "Core Family Group" began holding monthly meetings with the purpose of defining their goals, establishing core values, and develop programming for their new organization. 

An early activity for the group was to find a proper location for our participants to reside.  After careful consideration and with safety a priority, the leadership team of PROVEHO KC selected an appealing apartment complex conveniently located in Overland Park as the place to call home for program participants.  The first participant moved in on August 15, 2018.  Currently each participant enjoys their own apartment. Although living in the complex is preferred, living in close proximity to the complex is also an option. 

Over the course of several years, the leadership team and core families endeavored to refine the organization by developing bylaws, admission guidelines, programming, a group name and a logo.  

Early in 2022, PROVEHO KC, Inc. was established as a non-profit corporation in the State of Kansas and received 501(c)3 tax exempt status from the Federal Government.


Although PROVEHO KC contributes in many ways in enriching the lives of participants, it should be noted that the organization does not provide services as would typically be provided by agencies working in conjunction with the State.  Each family maintains responsibility for their participant's housing, care, employment, transportation and other participant needs.  PROVEHO KC has no trained medical staff and does not provide any such services.


PROVEHO KC is best suited to serve high functioning adults with mild intellectual disabilities. The ideal candidate for our program is able to function mostly autonomously, has a desire to live independently, wants to make friends and enjoys social interaction. Our typical participant lives in or near the selected apartment complex, is employed part-time or more, is able to use public transportation or has a driver's license and is able to drive to work.   Participant families are actively involved with the organization and assist on the leadership team, on one or more committees, or attend and help with our many activities.  

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